RV ffmpeg custom settings

My uploads trought the submit tool in RV is capped at 1920x1080 an a low quality encode. How can I increase the resolution and quality of my uploads?
thanks in advance

You can pipe into the api code and upload a higher quality mp4 file to the version sg_upload_movie_mp4 field.

Hi! Thankls for your answer.
Can you teache me how to do this? I have no experience with shotgrid.

Do you have any experience with Python?


I have no experience with python

To customize the ShotGrid experience and do manual encoding the default config will need to be taken over by a Pipeline Developer (like myself) and customize so it uses ffmpeg to create a encode based on your desired specifications and upload that to the mp4 field so it replaces the default SG Media Encodes.

Do you need this for all your Versions or only specific ones?

I actually found a workaround. If you encode trough RV and upload the encoded video it won´t encode again, just upload the file.

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