RV Brower Showing Shotgrid Projects, but not Sequences

In the RV Brower, using the Shotgrid Browser, Projects will show up, but once we click on one, only “All Versions” and “Playlists” show up, but not Sequences. Help?

A little help? @brandon.foster - any ideas or direction?

Hey Matt! Not as active in here these days so sorry for missing your initial post. Here are a few ideas:

  • There are a set of hard coded entities which should appear there, those being Assets, Playlists, and Shots (which will get organized by Sequence).
  • You need Versions linked to those entities within the Project you’re browsing before it’ll display them in that hierarchy like I have below.
  • If you DO already have Versions linked to either Shots or Assets and they’re still not showing up in those sections of the browser you may need to write into support to further diagnose.

Here’s what I see in my main Project, for example:

But here is another Project where we have no Shots, and only Assets and Playlists are listed:

Hope that helps!

Nope… doesn’t work. I think it’s time for a screen-sharing call, if possible!