RV 7.2.6 will not launch on this one system out of 250, what can I try?

Shotgun RV process opens but no GUI launches and no other information has been noted to tell us whats going on.

Reinstalled Shotgun RV, as usual with the standard method… always works. We can execute rv.exe, and it opens but again, nothing more.

But on this particular system, I see rv.exe process but nothings happening, nobody’s home.

Where are the Logs? Events to look out for in event viewer?

Is there a sudden thing that happened Nov.6 2020?

Hey @randomname34,

Sorry to hear that you’re running into problems.

Unfortunately we don’t have a crash reporter for RV on Windows, but you can take a look at the Applications logs in the Event Viewer and sometimes if the applications exits abnormally, Windows will record it:

You can also run RV from the command prompt and you’ll get events printed out into the console.

If there’s nothing obvious, you can run RV with resetPrefs flag from the command prompt to reset preferences in case there’s something that got carried over from older/newer versions that isn’t compatible:

C:\\Programs\....\RV.exe -resetPrefs

If you have events in the Windows Event logging, you can send them to us for troubleshooting to support@shotgunsoftware.com.