Rv 2022.3.1 swap Media issue

I have an error with the swap media.

The comboBox is the right bottom corner disappear some timed with the same media.

Hee is the log error:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Program Files\ShotGrid\RV-2022.3.1\plugins\Python\multiple_source_media_rep.py”, line 285, in _on_media_rep_about_to_show
File “C:\Program Files\ShotGrid\RV-2022.3.1\plugins\Python\multiple_source_media_rep.py”, line 386, in _update_media_rep_menu
for s in utils.get_media_reps_sources(self._current_switch_node):
File “C:\Program Files\ShotGrid\RV-2022.3.1\plugins\Python\multiple_source_media_rep_utils.py”, line 48, in get_media_reps_sources
source_groups = rvc.nodeConnections(rvc.nodeGroup(switch_node))[0]
Exception: Exception thrown while calling commands.nodeConnections – exception: “in commands.nodeConnections: no node name specified”, program exception

ERROR: Could not Swap Media: exception: “in commands.setActiveSourceMediaRep: Can’t find switch node associated with source node sourceGroup000020_source to select the ‘Frames’ media representation.”

Of course I have the the path to frame and to movie set.

It’s happen on rv 2023.0.

If any idea ? Thanks


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was there ever an answer found?