Right Click Menu Missing - Shotgrid 8.40

Hi there,

We’re on a local install and just upgraded to 8.40 today.
Users are no longer able to right click on the version object on any non-project based page.

Issue seems restricted to the version entity and only on a non-project based page. Works fine on a project page, works fine on a non-project page for other entities.

I can’t see anything in the forum about this, any ideas? I’ve put in a ticket, but there has been no response from anyone and I’ve already escalated to the team we usually meet with but need a backup in case I don’t hear from them either…

Check if its the case for admins too?
Maybe permissions issue?

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Yes. All users permissions. I’m admin and did sudo as several different folks.

No issue with the AMIs (I tried deleting/disabling them etc)

There’s zero right click menu at all - no “edit selected” nothing. But only on a non-project version page. :confused:

Issue looks like it could be tangentially related to the bug fix in 8.41 and 8.42 release notes regarding the “more” menu. Fortunately looks like we can download one of those to test.

Fingers crossed.

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Ah yes I saw something about that.

Apologies for the delayed response. Our support team has provided some information about this defect through the ticket, just confirming over here too in case anyone else runs into this issue:

This bug was fixed in V8.41, Jira ticket SG-28071.

There is a workaround for v8.40:

Play any version with the Overlay player first by clicking on a thumbnail. Then close the version or click back on the browser page. Right click and the More menu will work normally after that.

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