Version AMI seem broken when clicked from a Playlist page?

We just noticed that our AMI’s don’t seem to trigger from a Version entity when it’s done from a Version List on a Playlist page. (Up until last week we know this worked fine)
The same AMI triggers fine when done from the Versions page.

Anyone else seeing the same thing?

We haven’t done this in our workflow so we have not noticed it.
Could you print out an example of what the request looks like from the Playlist page?

Notably we needed some extra code when AMIs are triggered from global pages, as opposed to project pages, due to how the request is formed.

it doesn’t seem to trigger at all, the button does nothing.

Oh like that… odd, could be a bug. You could check the browser log for any differences between the two actions. In the network tab you should see requests going out.

Uhm… suddenly it works now.

Did a ShotGrid site update happen today? :eyes:

Heh, well that’s good.

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