Query Information from a Custom Playlist Tab?

Hi, I’m trying to build an AMI that pulls information from a custom tab created on a playlist page. The hope is that we can use the fields displayed specifically under the custom tab to pull information from. However, I cannot figure out if this actually possible - when the AMI is set to versions, we can at least get the tab name and the information for the selected version, but we want it to be for a playlist entity. Does anyone happen to know if this can be done? Does it involve querying the page settings somehow? Any help is appreciated.

Hi, if your AMI is called for ‘’ Playlist " entity, you will get info about all selected playlists ids, so you can just use sg.find method to get information about additional fields. So just add your custom field code there.


maybe I was unclear - it’s not a custom field type I’m trying to query, it’s a custom page tab made on the Playlist. So say it’s a tab called “Smoop,” and it displays only a few specific fields that I want to get (the idea is that I don’t know what these fields will be, someone else will be choosing them) - I want to, from the Playlist AMI, grab the “Smoop” tab information, and I am not sure how to go about doing this.

Hi @sophiaberger

As far as I know, it is not possible. The AMI only sends information about the entity/enties that you had selected when firing it off. There is no API to query page setups from SG. So in your case I think you need to base the AMI on versions. The user than needs to select the versions on the custom tab, right click and fire the AMI. This is the only way I can think of to get the custom fields that you are after.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:



yes there is.

The AMI will return a dictionary with a key calls “cols” which are the currently active columns in your view.


['image', 'sg_status_list', 'entity.Shot.sg_status_list', 'created_at', 'user', 'entity', 'client_code', 'code', 'sg_path_to_frames', 'sg_path_to_movie', 'description']