Reviewing animation: jump to frame, playback sketches in overlay

Hi, I am relatively new to Shotgrid.
I am using the web version to review animations and I have 2 questions.

The animation review process consists of drawing sketches over videos, so that the animators can easily see at which frame something needs to be fixed, and understand how to fix it by looking at a static sketch or at a sequence of sketched frames (thanks to the drawings).

Is there a way to:
-click on the note and have the timeline of the video jump to the frame at which the note was written? At the moment the animator can see the note, they can see the sketch attached to it, but they have to manually figure out which frame it was sketched on. Sometimes it’s easy to find the frame, sometimes they spend minutes to figuring out which frame was the note written on.
I believe I might be missing something that is in plain sight, here. How do you jump to the frame the note was written at?

-play back the sketches during playback. Animation reviewers often draw their desired version of how an animation should work. They draw a number of sketches, which are then played back over the original video. This way the animator only needs to trace those sketches, and addressing the note becomes a straightforward process. Again, I believe the solution is probably in plain sight and I have not noticed it, just yet. How would you play a sequence of sketches over the video?

Both the behaviours I am trying to obtain are showcased in the attached video.
In the video, the green and red sketches represent sketched notes, while on the right hand side of the screen I can click on the note and jump to the respective frame. This is taken from, a platform I used until the current job, where we have Shotgrid.

Thanks for any pointer!