How to streamline the review process?

Currently, as a result of how I’ve ShotGrid set up (I’m new to this), anyone wanting to review media associated with a shot has to do a lot of clicking to see actual playable video.

Example: From the list of “Shots” they have to…

  • Click the shot they’re interested in, taking them to a full page overview of that shot.
  • Click “Assets” tab to see related assets.
  • Click on a single “Asset” for a full page for that
  • Click “Publishes” tab to see related published files
  • Click on a single “Published File” for a full page for that.
  • Click on the “Path” to see the associated media, which, finally, opens a new browser tab linking to an AWS S2 URL showing the actual media.

That’s a little cumbersome for the staff here, and I presume there’s a much more efficient way to set all this up.

The Post Producer I’m working with says on prior shows she was able to see media play directly in the Thumbnail for a shot. I’m not seeing that as an option. Thumbnails, from what I’ve seen, only accept image files, not playable video.

The SG review process is based on the Version entity, which can have an image or video content.
Your publish process should also make a Version containing the media, which will show as a clickable thumbnail for the Asset
See docs:

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To add to that.

ShotGrid’s pages are customisable and filterable so you are able to set up a custom page or filters on custom tabs to show only specific versions related to just a single Asset, or for example, only versions with the status “For Review”.

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@schicky Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!!

@Ricardo_Musch Thanks. Your added note addressed what was going to a soon-to-be-asked question. I will indeed be looking to customize for others using the system so that when they land it will be intuitive and they don’t have to do any customizing themselves. Is that possible? I’m currently a “manager” though they may turn me into an “admin” if it makes a difference

I think Manager Permissions are enough to design pages.

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