Resource Planner - Remove Projects from Dept Calculations

Hey ShotGrid Team,

In Resource Planning, could we extend the current functionality of hiding projects from the Overall calculation to be possible within Department views in the app?

The use case for this would be if you made a Bidding project, or multiple, and wanted to see what the impact of that project would be to resources per department.
Do I need more COMP artists, more FX or Lighting etc etc

Something like this, where in the Department view you have a project hiding panel.
@warren.trezevant maybe this is already in the works?

Hi Matteo, thanks for this suggestion! There’s not currently anything like this in the works, but I’ll make sure it’s added to our backlog for future consideration.

As a workaround, Projects which have the ‘archived’ field checked on are not counted in the calculations for the Resource Planning graphs. It’s certainly not an ideal workflow, but you could potentially use the ‘archived’ field on the Project entity to temporarily exclude Projects from the Resouce Planning view.

Hi Kelsey!

Thanks for getting back to me, on the backlog sounds good to me, I think multiple studios would find this useful and it’d be another + point for them/us to use the planner.

For the workaround, can you confirm that archival wouldn’t affect our workflow?
We have filters on some pages set to Active projects only, for example.
I’m also wondering if archiving would change how the project is interacted with from a backend/toolkit/python point of view?

If archiving just removes the project from being searched in the global search and some calculations, like Resource Planning, then that could work for now

Hey @MatteoVeglia - setting a Project to ‘archived’ should just mean that it no longer appears in SG Desktop, so people wouldn’t be able to select it there and it would be effectively invisible to SG integrations while it’s in the ‘archived’ state. Other than that, I don’t think the ‘archived’ state has any effect on toolkit or the DCC integrations.

However, it’s possible that your studio has built additional functionality which is driven by the ‘archived’ state being toggled on or off (for example, some studios use the event fired by this change to drive things like locking on disk permissions to the project.) If your studio has a Pipeline team, it’s probably best to check with them to make sure your studio doesn’t have any custom functionality that is driven by the ‘archived’ state.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

Yeah I’d checked with Pipe, nothing custom on our end but between our HoP and I we decided against archiving shows to get resource planning to work as it seems a bit drastic to do frequently; but a good idea for sure.

We also would love to see the ability to have a dummy user show us as capacity, currently Disabled used don’t (as I’m sure you know) which seems like missed opportunity.
It means, unless we want to switch a dummy user to active, check the data, then switch them back, we’d be liable for license fees.

Yep, that’s a really good point about the lack of a good workflow for projecting resource usage when you want to include users who aren’t active (like artists you might hire later but haven’t yet.) I’ll make sure that is reflected in our backlog as well.

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