Issues with Resource Planning - Decimals, filters, etc

I’m trying to get the resource planning side working for our studio, but there are some issues I’ve come up against.

Is there a plan to put in filtering abilities, similar to normal pages? We have so many projects and use statuses to differentiate them. The resplan shows every single project by default, even if the status isn’t active. I had to go one by one to click the eye icon to hide them, but why not a filter panel?

It’s also very strange how the workload calculations have so many decimal places, is there any way to limit them? I really don’t need to know the number beyond maybe 2 places. It also makes the ‘inspect chart data’ pop out very difficult to read as the numbers are so long, and the window can’t be resized, so the numbers start to overlap, sometimes making them unreadable.

As I’ve seen others mention, it’s also really tricky with how it can only count people who are in the exact department that matches their task pipeline step’s department. We have some generalists, and so some of the data is always just wrong. It’s too tedious to change their department each time they get a new task, and changing them to a broader ‘generalist’ department doesn’t help much, it just make the reporting too vague to be meaningful anymore.

The documentation mentioned using work schedules, but I’ve found they have no impact on the page, only bookings do. At least for vacations anyway.

It would also be nice if we could filter tasks. It’s hard to tell without digging down into the data what is actually being captured. Why can’t I filter things like a normal page, eg excluding n/a’s, on holds, pending reviews?

I see so much potential here, but it feels pretty bare bones at the moment.