Rate Cards in Shotgun - possible?

Hi all!

Doe anyone know if there is a way to set up a rate card in Shotgun?
The ideal scenario would be to have a currency field that returns a value by referencing a ‘rate card’ day rate (perhaps by the task name or pipeline step), and then multiplying by the task duration field to calculate a cost to date (artist days * day rate). Is this possible?

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Hi @Mark_Webb_OOU,

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Yay, it’s something a custom field could do. What you need is to create a custom Currency field on Task entity page to store your day rate, and then a calculated field with the following formula to calculate the cost.

Check out the following docs for more details:

Let us know if anything confusing!



Thanks Ben! Will take a look when I get a chance, much appreciated.



Sorry @Mark_Webb_OOU I missed this one. Yay, take your time and let us know. /Ben

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I took a look at your proposed solution and, unless I’m missing something, i think this would only work if there was the one cost value required? I had in mind a rate card that would be referenced, eg Matchmove £150, Compositing £200, Roto £100, etc, to calculate a total based on the specified criteria (such as pipeline step or task name).
See attached, a simplified demo of how I would achieve it in Excel:


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If calculated fields allowed for dot notation like the SG API then getting a rate field from a linked Step or other in entity might be possible but as far as I know they are limited to the values displayed in “Available Fields”.

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Thanks @Halil for clarifying.

@Mark_Webb_OOU, yes there is no way to referenced a linked field and calculate with the referenced field. What you could do is to add another custom currency field, say Rate on Task page, and calculate on the with the formula: Rate * Time logged. This way, you need to fill the rate for each task when creating it.

If you are using task template while creating shots, you could store these rates on Task template. This way, while you apply the task template onto the shot, the tasks will be created with rate filled for each task.

Hope it helps you.


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Adding to what @Ben_xzj said:

@Mark_Webb_OOU, if you don’t want to manually add a Rate for each task, you could look at Event Driven Triggers. You could set up a trigger that will update the Rate field for each task everytime the Pipeline Step is updated.

This is just to make sure that the Rate matches the Pipeline Step. If the Rate is manually entered OR driven by a Task Template (and there will always be cases where you want to quickly add a task without needing/using a template) - there is always a risk of it getting outdated.