Publish files task remain empty

Hello everyone.

I have a strange issue I can’t get my head around. We have a test project in which we changed our AssetTaskTemplate and some someother stuffs.

Basically when publishing a file with the multi publisher the tasks related to the publish doesn’t get updated and stays blank. What is strange is that this work before then it doesn’t work anymore on previously created assets but on new ones it works again.

My question is what might be missing on old created assets that could cause this.
I’ve attached an image of what I am talking about.


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Hi Jerome - welcome to the forums!

How that task field is populated depends a bit on how you run the Publisher. When you run the Publisher in standalone mode (eg, straight from Desktop) or in a basic setup, you have to manually specify the task, as Toolkit can’t figure it out from the context.

When you’re in an advanced setup and running the Publisher within a DCC (Maya, Nuke, etc.), the running Toolkit engine knows your context – who you are, what entity you’re working on, and which task on the entity – so when you publish, it sets the task automatically on the PublishedFile based on this info.

I’m guessing in your case that you’re running the Publisher within a DCC and relying on Toolkit to set the task, and I’m also guessing that the task is not being set correctly, possibly because of the change you made to the template. If this is the case, I’ll want to get some information from you about your pipeline configuration and logs, so we can continue the conversation in a private channel, then report back here for posterity when we’ve figured it out.

As a start, if this is the case, it would be helpful to see a log. Can I have you enable debug logging, reproduce the a bad publish, and send a copy of your log file from the appropriate directory for your operating system to, referencing this post? The name of the log will be tk-<ENGINE>.log, where <ENGINE> is the name of the DCC you’re running the Publisher in (eg, tk-nuke.log, tk-houdini.log, tk-maya.log, etc.).


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Hello @tannaz

Thanks for getting back to me and I will send an email with the information required.

To be more specific, I only tested the publishing from Maya because that is the DCC we are using at this stage.

The context for the Asset and Task are correctly set inside Maya and the publisher so there doesn’t seem to be a problem there.

For what it worth newly created assets on our project does publish with the task correctly.

Somehow the publish Entity on older asset gets ‘task’: None when publishing.
The logs don’t seem to be warning about anything (only debug things).
I didn’t attach them in the first place neither explained more about our setup because I wanted to know first if this problem jumped directly to a conclusion.

To be clear we could at this stage on the project, delete all assets on the project and create all of them back again en de-register with tank all previous assets but that will be our last plan. It is possible because it is a small project and very few data is been published now. I just would like to avoid it.

Thanks for your help.