Recent Files - context

I have a question about using recent files (houdni, nuke, etc.). When I use a shotgun loader (tk-multi-workfiles2) it is correctly setting the full sg context (entity, pipeline step, task). When I load the file using recent files, it only sets the entity and pipeline step. So the context doesn’t have a task. Is this correct/expected behaviour?
I know that the task-context can’t be created from the scene path, but this can be a source of pipeline bugs, because an user can publish the work but it will be not assigned to the task. Maybe the context should be saved into the scene in some attributes or the user should be warned after opening the scene that the context is only partialy correct…

You would have to add the task name or some other property to the path, so it can be resolved.
Publishes have a field for linking to a task, so skipping it there might be alright.

We have good experience with doing the former, what are your arguments against it?

tk-config-default2 has no task in path by default, so the problem is present in the default configuration and I haven’t found any info/warning in the docs about this.

I know that I can link the task in the publish dialog, but it is not required and IMHO most users doesn’t check it before publish.

If the task somehow figures in the path, publishing will fail when no task is selected.
So again, the best way to link to the task is to have it in the path.

Can’t say anything about the defaults… obviously everyone has their own workflow.

Our studio experienced the same issue @zavinator. Since the task is not part of the work file’s dirname using the DCC’s native “File->Open” operations will leave the shotgun context in an incomplete state (usually in a pipeline step context). Depending on your configuration, it may actually be possible to publish in this context, but this is happens at the expense of having the resulting publishes unlinked from the proper tasks. In our case, the solution was to add a custom hook that would intercept the partial step context, query shotgun for the relevant task based on the file path, then append the proper task to the context. Works like a charm so far. Best of luck.


This is definitely an option, though it could be problematic in that in some circumstances there may not be a unique task. (I wonder how that works with filesystem entities, would be interesting to drill deeper)

Everyone’s configuration and workflow is different, so certain things might not work.