Permissions Help to Unlock 'Gear'

Hi all,
I’m trying to enable the gear icon in the upper right of entry dialogs for a category of users, but I can’t find the correct option to enable in the permissions listings.

Any help for activating these gears would be super helpful. Thanks!



Hi @Chad,

The ability to alter a form is in a permission group’s Advanced permission settings as Save Entity Creation Form Layout. In order to use this setting, your permission group must also have See Assigned Projects Only turned OFF. With the ability to edit a form, they also have the ability to make global changes to that form which is why they need to see all projects to allow for this.

If you save a change to an entity’s creation Form on a Project, that Form will take on that layout for any new page or widget created for that entity type.

Let me know if you have any questions!



Hi @Beth, thanks for the tips and the explanation. I saw that option in the list, but wasn’t sure it was the right one.

It’s kind of a shame that the relatively simple options at the bottom for what action to perform when pressing the create button are tied to the more global options for tweaking the form in general. I’ve got a bunch of students who I’d like to be able to enter in multiple entities at one time without leaving the dialog box, but it means I also have to open up a lot more access to them for other projects and changing Global Defaults, which is not desirable.


Hey @Chad, they should simply be able to press & hold the Alt key before hitting Create. Any time you click Create with the Alt key pressed, Shotgun keeps the form open so you can continue to keep submitting multiple entries.

In fact, when you press and hold the Alt key, the Submit button changes to Submit and Keep Values.

Hope this helps!


Oh, that’s great to know! Thanks @Govind_Kalburgi!


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Thanks! It’s probably always a good idea to revisit tips and tricks as one progresses in their use of the software.