Coming soon: Run Action Menu Items from "Add" buttons

We’ll soon be adding the capability to create Action Menu Items that can be accessed from the “Add Entity” buttons, either in the flyouts or as the primary action (replacing the standard “Add Entity” action).​

This will allow you to assume greater control of Shotgun’s interface for your bespoke workflows. To get started, go to user account > admin > Action Menu Items. Reveal the new “Add Entity button behaviour” field and set the appropriate value:

  • Not set– the AMI will appear in the “More” button dropdown (as it worked previously)
  • Include in dropdown– the AMI will appear in the dropdown of the Add Entity button
  • ​Override default



Can’t wait for this!

THANK YOU, @jack
“Override default button” - Just made my day!

@saclar @Stephen

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+1 this is great! I know @Romey is excited about this one too!

This looks cool, but you have to share more information :slight_smile:
Is it executed in the context that’s available on the given page? Usually AMIs work on (selected) entities, so what information would these AMIs have? Also is their original purpose to create entities?

This feature is great. It is super helpful and we retooled most of our creation actions to be the default dialog on creation. This insures users do not use the default creation forms in SG when the studio has specified custom creation actions. Additionally you can add other complimentary option to the button and we have also used this to make other tools more easily accessible.