How can I keep the Creation form open in Shotgun?

Creation dialogs: Keep that form open!

We’ve all been there. We need to quickly create a few Assets or Shots. They’re pretty similar, but it’ll take more time to create a CSV to import than to simply fill out the creation form directly within Shotgun.

“But when I click the ‘Create Shot’ button, the dialog disappears, why can’t it just stay up with all the form values?”

It can! Here are a couple different ways to quickly create things using the new entity dialog forms.

Alt key modifier

In all creation forms (Assets, Shots, Versions, etc.) if you hold the Alt key, the “Create ” button will temporarily turn into a “Create and Keep Form Values” button for as long as the key is depressed. This allows you to create an entity like an Asset, modify a couple of the form values, and create another one without having to relaunch the creation dialog for every Asset you need to create.

Another option is to change the default state of the creation button. First, click the more actions gear in the upper right corner of the dialog window. Then choose from three options:

  • Close Form on Create: This is the standard behavior that closes the form after you click the create button.
  • Reset Form on Create: This will create the Entity, clear the values in the form, and leave the creation dialog open.
  • Keep Form Values on Create: This will create the Entity, keep the form values, and leave the creation dialog open.

Using these steps you’ll be even more nimble when creating new entities within Shotgun.

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