Remove "Open in Shotgun Create" Button from browser UI?

I’m curious if this is something other people would like too before I request it on the roadmap. But (as far as I’m aware) there’s currently no way to remove the “Open in Shotgun Create” button.

We’ve opted not to use SC, as we prefer our own custom approaches to these things. However unfortunately this button takes up significant space on screen and that means sometimes our production asks about what it is and if they can set it up.


We’d rather have it not be there at all to confuse people. A setting to globally disable it would be ideal. But even for people who do use Shotgun Create, is this button necessary and does it need to be on these pages so prominently?


Hi there,

This is something we also would like to do.
We don’t have any plans in using SC for now and it confuses people at our end too.
So +1 on this request :slight_smile:


+1 as well

Even though this is about the web app, I’m shifting this to the #shotguncreate category since that team will be more interested in this feedback.


Hi Folks,

Curious about this as well. We don’t use SG Create in our pipeline and these call to action buttons confuse new users. I’ve been unable to find any setting that would turn off these call to action buttons.

Hey Brandon, I logged this one into our idea tracking. There isn’t an active plan to change that functionality right now. If we do decide to move forwards with it, then we can reach back out.


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