My Reviews & All Projects as startup default?

Is it possible to set the default ‘mode’ for SC when it starts up? It seems to remember the last project that was selected, and always sets the mode back to My Tasks.

It would be great to choose which mode it starts up in and also which project is being viewed (or All Projects). Also handy would be a choice to just let it open up in its last state from exiting if the user prefers that.



Hi @Chad,

Thanks for your feedback. I’m quite sure our SC team will be happy to see them, and they may have more information for you later.

And for new ideas/features, you could also submit via our Roadmap Portal


Hey Chad, this is a great idea! I’ve logged an internal issue to look into making it so the app remembers you want My Tasks or My Reviews. Create should already be remembering last project or all projects as a preference. Are you bouncing around projects a lot, so that the last accessed project is not that useful for you?

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Thanks Dennis,

Yeah, it’s kind of silly to tell every reviewer for Shotgun Create that they immediately have to switch to My Reviews EVERY TIME they start the app.

Most of our reviewers here at our animation school will be bouncing around between various projects. I see that it’s remembering projects (or All), which is generally fine for us. (although even nicer might be the choice to have it use the last one or a specific choice when starting up).

The My Reviews thing is really the more bothersome issue.