What do you think of "My Reviews" on global navigation menu?

I think “Shotgun Create” is cool application for Reviewers, especially the guys who have a lot of stuffs to review everyday.

But as far as I know, the reviewer field is only available for Shotgun Create, not for Shotgun Web.
I know that I can implement same functionality by creating new page with filters.
But I think default “My Reviews” on web would be very useful to those who don’t use Shotgun Create but want to organize their reviews.

What do you think?



Hey @JT_Park—apologies, missed your post last week. I’m moving this over the the Create category as there’s a lot of overlap in your topic and that team is thinking holistically about review.

Hi JT_Park,

I’m not sure if your question is only about having the option as a default menu item as you mention you know you can create a filtered page. However for the benefit of anyone who isn’t clear, here is the basic approach to mimicking the review experience in SG Create.

The reviewer field is actually available in the SG web as well. Just remember that that you are looking for a linked field on the versions you want to see. i.e. version>task>reviewer. You could accomplish what you are asking for by creating a new Versions page with a saved filter. Just make sure that when you create the page it has no project assigned to it. You can favorite it or make it default home page, but unfortunately you won’t be able to add it to the menu next to My Tasks.

I will try to add a screen cap, but I’m still working on my forum chops so lets see if I get it right. ; )


Hey @JT_Park - I added this feedback into our portal so we could track it. As Alex shows above, there are ways to mimic the experience in the web today, as you can make use of the reviewers field. We haven’t however taken the step to unify the two into a common experience. We’ll keep our eye on this! Thanks!



I think that could be a nice default (or optional) menu item if it can be fine tuned in a same way the other pages do right now. That mean having canvas type, using widgets, e.t.c.