Progress Bar for Uploads?

We are using SC for reviews and uploading movie files which can take a while to send. Right now it looks like SC just sits there with a “Loading” message, with no other visual feedback. (which is a bit cryptic)

Would it be possible to have some sort of progress bar and ‘uploading media’ or some other more descriptive message so that the user is not wondering if something is actually happening?

Hi Chad -

What you’re experiencing sounds annoying and your suggestion seems like it would help a lot. I’ve sent your suggestion to our product team so they can see if there’s something they can do to fix this.

I’m happy to hear you’re using Create and please let us know if there’s any more ideas you get for how to improve the experience.



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Thanks Warren,

We are actively pushing to use Create, since its firmly on your roadmap, and it really does provide an easier way for artists and reviewers to interact with the world of Shotgun.

We are an animation school, which means that almost everyone is learning Shotgun for the first time all at once. So it’s a bit challenging to figure out how to get everyone up to speed quickly, and to use SG for its advantages without it becoming a burden of administration for anyone. Even our reviewers are not full-time instructors, so their use is also sporadic. So, ‘easy to use’, ‘intuitive’ and ‘stable’ are key things I am hoping for when advertising the use of SG & Create at the school. Well, everyone wants that, don’t they?

As I’m writing out internal documentation and creating procedures, I’m learning a lot about what is working well with SG and Create, and what is frustrating or non-intuitive.

As much as everyone hates the clock, or beach ball, or thermometer, it at least shows you that the software is (supposedly) doing something. If it just sits there in a static state, it leaves the user wondering if it’s working or not.

It’s also a bit dangerous, because we also don’t know if it’s safe to exit the ‘send’ action when uploading a note and view something else. Create doesn’t prevent you from switching to another version, even if it might interrupt the ‘send’.

It would actually be great if it could queue up review notes for uploading large files, so that the reviewer could get through a bunch of reviews and let them upload in the background.
(some of us out in the boonies have some pretty pokey network connections!)



Thanks for providing the context for your use of Create. It was definitely our goal to offer something that was quick and easy for artists to engage with.

I’ve taken your second suggestion of queuing review notes and sent that to the product team as well.

I hope you continue to enjoy using Create and please keep the suggestions coming!


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Thanks again, Warren.

I know we are not the typical users of Shotgun, so I try to keep that in mind with my issues and requests. You can rest assured I will continue to send them in! :wink: