Permissions bug or greyed out

Hi there,
I’m trying to set some permissions for Managers on my SG Website, but some permissions can’t be changed.

:diamonds: PROBLEM 1:
When changing some permissions in Field Configuration, the changes are not saved.
In this config window, if switching “Manager” to on, then clicking “Update Fileds” and waiting for the website to update, then checking the field config again, my modifications are not saved:

:diamonds: PROBLEM 2:

On my setup, Admin are dev and TD which administer the whole SG Pipeline, while Managers are supervidors or producers which need special permissions on the website bu should not have access to Admin privileges.

I want to let Managers set the Field Department on People Entity:

• In Site Preference, Managers can edit Department:

• In People Permissions, Managers can edit some stuff on People’s Fields :

• In the Configure Field dialog box, Managers I dont have anymore options:

How can I add more permissions to the Managers?


Hey @benwall—thanks for the question and expertly crafted post! Excellent use of gifs and images.

Permissions can be tricky and sometime require our support team to do some additional investigation. This is one of those cases.

I’ve gone ahead and created a ticket over on our support site with the above details for you. The team will look into it and follow up shortly. :slight_smile:


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