Custom Entity Field Permissions

I have a custom entity with a field ‘sg_model_common’. Something I did made it to where I don’t have permissions as an Admin to change the value of this field. I am not really sure how I did this. How do I get my permissions back?

When I hover over the field I get this pop up entity_field_permission

In the Site Preferences->entities->permissions tab it looks like this:


HI @jspeer,

Thanks for writing in, we’ll be happy to help out here. Unfortunately we’ll need to dig into the full permissions to find out what is going on here, is it possible to send us your Shotgun URL to and we’ll dig in.

Please also quote this forum post as we’ll round back with the community to let them know what the outcome was.

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to give us a shout.



Hey @jspeer,

Thanks for writing in the ticket, sorted for you now. For any other readers I’m not sure of the cause yet, if you see an issue like this, write a ticket into us and we can sort it out.