New permission errors since yesterday evening

Hi there!

Since yesterday evening, we get strange permissions errors when trying to update entities in Shotgrid via the shotgun Python API. There hasn’t been any change on our side.

We use an intermediate ORM layer between our pipeline and the shotgun Python API that loads a set of default fields. When running an update, we update this set of fields independently of the fact if their value changed or not. This didn’t make any issues for years.

Now, we get permission errors since it seems to try to update all provided fields, even if their value hasn’t been changed, including fields of linked entities. As one example, we get this error when updating a version since the Version.project.Project.code is trying to update its value.

Has anybody else this kind of issue? Are we doing something wrong on our side? Has there been any recent update that would explain this? We currently work around this issue by hacking the workflow of our ORM, but this slows down code execution. Any hint?


Ok, please ignore this message. This was entirely due to some permission updates that have not been communicated internally. Sorry for the noise. :frowning:

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