Altered view permissions in error to Manager group. but now as Admin, cannot access or configure changes!

Hey Guys! I edited the permissions on two fields in shotgun to be viewable by Manager only (removing Admin as viewable in the meantime). This was done in error as I want both Manager and Admin to be able to view the fields. So as Admin I can no longer see these fields in order to access or edit them. When I alter my permission group to Manager, I can access the fields, but I cannor configure them to add Admin back in as having permission to view! Feels like a conundrum!!! Please help

Hey @nlennon As an Admin, you can temporarily enable Field editing permissions for the Manager role… assign yourself Manager role, do the permissions updates on the fields you need, and then remove that capability. Try that?

Thanks Stephen, can you point me to exactly where the checkbox is for this? Im in people permissions, but I can’t seem to identify the right checkbox.
Thank you!