No User Migration button on ShotGrid webUI

Hey folks,
I’m wanted to start the Autodesk Identity user migration since we received our licenses in our Autodesk account but the button that shall start the migration process won’t show up on my webUI. I’m on v8.26.0.8069 (build b48e91a) if that is of any help.
Oh and I am in the Admin Permission Group to be able to run the process.


Hi @tonyd

Good that you have received your licenses, that is the 1st requirement to complete your migration.

For the migration of your ShotGrid users, unfortunately we will need to beg your patience. We are enabling sites in waves, to keep an eye on resource usage and potential issues.

The first waves have been the pre-June 7th Trial sites and Monthly clients. The next waves will be targeting sites chosen at random. These waves are planned between next Monday and July 1st.

Admittedly, our plans may change based on our observations and if we encounter any problems.

Sorry to be restraining your enthusiasm.


p.s. regarding requests made in posts on Community : as a dev here, I have no visibility on who people are IRL, their email or company. So there is nothing that I can use to bootstrap a formal request, even if I wanted to.

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Hey Patrick,
thanks for the quick reply! No worries I just wondered… I can wait. :slight_smile:


ps: sure thing. If there’s anything specificially related to our site I’ll file a formal request. Just experienced that the community is generally faster in response. Also I thought this might be of interest to others as well.

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this might be a different thing, but I still wanted to post it here. Just in case you wan’t to check this, Tony.

Some system/browser combinations won’t show the migration button while it’s there with others on the same ShotGrid site.

E.g. at my desk I don’t have the button visible when being on Linux, CentOS 7 with Firefox. However it’s there with Chrome and also my home office desk (Windows 10, Firefox) does show the button.



I just wanted to start this as well but my autodesk login doesn’t work in ShotGrid, so I guess I will just wait a bit longer and try again?
Bit confusing to get emails telling me I am responsible to deal with a process that has started now, only to find that I can’t and there is no clear info on when I should.

We are about to get super busy for teh rest of teh year so was hoping to do it all now if possible.

Hi @MarcelTie

I believe that the issue is simply one of real-estate space in the browser window. What happens if you make the window wider ?

If migration is available for a specific site, Admins on that site be shown the Migration to Autodesk button… Provided that the window is wide enough.

Hoping that this was the issue here,


p.s. we have a ticket in the works for that.

Hi @frank

When you say that your Autodesk login does not work in ShotGrid… is this when you are unlocking the padlock icon ?

I seem to understand that you are an admin on your site. So if you see that padlock, you need to unlock it by logging with an Autodesk Identity account that has the same email as your local ShotGrid user.

Let me know if I misunderstood the issue.


Hi @patrick-hubert-adsk ,

I meant the actual log in screen won’t accept my autodesk account.
I don’t know which padlock you mean? Is this somethign I should be seeing somewhere?
The only new thing I can see is a label at the top of my user menu that says “Autodesk Identity - not yet linked”. But I can’t figure out how to link it, maybe I missed something in the documentation?!
The email in my autodesk account is the same as in Shotgun.


Hey Patrick,

the window is full screen already, but even, if I extend it over the second monitor the button will not appear. Also changing the resolution (scrolling in/out) won’t give me the migration button though. It’s still very likely that this is some sort of display issue, but playing around with the window and resolution doesn’t help in my case.

As it’s working in other browsers and/or machines it’s pretty much not an issue though. Just a bit strange :slight_smile:


Hi @MarcelTie

Thanks for trying this out… but I am left puzzled.

Would you mind sharing your site URL, your username on your ShotGrid site and infos about your browser in a private message directly to me ?

You are likely not the only one experiencing this issue, and I would really like to see it fixed,


Hey Patrick,

I’d be very embarrassed, if I just don’t see the button, but… How do I write a pm to you? Should be on your profile, but I can’t find it.


I also dont see a migrate button?
should I be seeing one at this moment - I received a hurry up email, but cant see what I need to do -

Hi @mattgidney

Can you share your site URL with me in a private message ? Along with the browser you use, its version and your OS ?

And just in case : have you tried making your browser window wider ? Sometimes the button is hidden.


I’m also seeing this particular issue with our team. I was able to get some of our folks switched over to the Autodesk login method. The next 2 folks that I’m working with don’t see the option to migrate their account. I had them try both Safari and Chrome.

HI @Aaron
The Migrating to Autodesk button is meant for Admins (or those who have administrative powers) on the site. It is not mean for regular users.

Those admins need to initiate the migration process (enable dual-mode authentication, send invites).

Those who do not see the button are (in theory) not admins.

Hoping this clarifies things a bit,


Ahhh that would make sense. Let me see if I can figure that out. Thanks!!

For a standard user, where is the option to link their Autodesk Account? I can’t seem to find it.

Hi @Aaron

The migration doc is here: Help

For regular user: the migration of their account happens when the Admin sends them an invite in the migration dialog.


Gotcha. I figured it out. I switched them to an Admin and then did the migration with them. Then I flipped them back to an Artist. Thanks Patrick.

Hey @Aaron,

When it works… But the intent was never to temporarily promote users to Admins.

It was the Admins job to invite their users… It is a simple one-click action.

Oh well…