[MIGRATION] - Mismatch between users logged with Autodesk and Migration SG page data

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We are in the process of migrating our accounts to Autodesk.
Some employees have already started using the Autodesk acc. but the number of people that report to us that they have done it doesn’t match the data in the 3rd step of the page https://whatever.shotgunstudio.com/account_migration. In this step you are suposed to get data of which users have already ported their accounts, but my numbers don’t add up.
Does anyone know whether the data in this step can be delayed or something like that?

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Hi @j.moraga

One peculiarity of the migration tool: for someone to be moved from the Pending invites into the Accounts created, they need to have logged onto your ShotGrid site using the Sign in with Autodesk ID button.

Ask your users to logout of their current ShotGrid session, and log back in with the top button. That should give you an accurate view of your user’s migration.

The reason that it relies on the user login in : it is the only true test that your user can actually log in on the site without problems.

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Thank you Patrick,
It looks like even after I asked some users whether they had logged in with the Autodesk acc. or not and after they had answered me that yes they had logged in with the Autodesk acc. They didn’t after all… so I guess the mismatch came from the users failing to log in and reporting me wrong data.

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