How to start migration?

How to I start migrating our site?
For a while the lock icon showed up on our dev site and I managed to link my autodesk account there.

We must have cloned from our production site at some point and now there isn’t a lock on either site.
My account is still linked on the dev site, but I don’t see anyway to link it on the production site.

Hi @jhultgre

Difficult for me to diagnose without knowing your site URL.

But the fact that the padlock and Migrating to Autodesk button have disappeared is usually after the site has fully transitioned to using only Autodesk Identity as the authentication mode.

When you log out of ShotGrid, do you have 1 or 2 buttons ?

Only one button means fully transitioned to Autodesk Identity, and no more padlock.
Two buttons (or the old username/password login), then the transition is not started or not completed, and the padlock should be there.