No active account display


Every time I try to get into my account I received this message, then the administrator have to re send me a new passphrase. Anyone with the same issue that can help me?



this message means that there is no active account on the site you are trying to log into that matches your email address.

If they have added you the may need to look at your account status in their People Page.
It could very well be they did not have an available license (seat) and your account got made but deactivated because there was no license available.

Hi Ricardo,

I can speak to this - I’m the person that set the user accounts up. I have 4 seats, and all of those are assigned as active users to my team and I. I haven’t added any additional ACTIVE users. I add two that are inactive ahead of purchasing seats for them, but they are not active. Julia’s issues aren’t being replicated by the other three users. To fix this, I have to reset her password.


Could it be that she hasn’t set up her Autodesk Identity account?

Normally someone gets an invitation email with a button to click.