New ShotGrid Summary Calculation: Percentage - Decimal

Wanted to let the Community know about a new Summary Calculation: ‘Percentage - Decimal’, that was released in ShotGrid 8.38.

The problem we heard from our customers is we were rounding percentage values, which lead to incorrect summaries e.g. below 1 was rounded to 0 and above 99 was rounded to 100, causing misleading data in summaries i.e. people thought things had not started / were complete respectively.

To address this, we added a new option in the Summary Calculation called ‘Percentage – Decimal’ which delivers a decimalized summary, giving a more accurate summary (the display of decimal places is based on user settings). The previous option has been renamed to ‘Percentage – Rounded’ to ensure customer’s past summaries are not impacted.

You can find out more about this feature in our ‘What’s New Page’ for ‘Summary Calculations – Decimal and Rounded’.


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