Calculate percent from query fields?

We have a number of query fields to track the total number of shots, shots in progress, shots complete, etc… I cannot find a way to use these query fields in a calculation in order to calculate the percent. This must be getting done internally somewhere because pie charts are generated. Is there a way for me to access the percentage value?


We’d love to see this too! Eg. What percentage of Shots are complete in a sequence, rather than a number.

Related to this request… I’m not sure why it hasn’t been implemented yet. For sure an important feature


Checking in… has this been implemented? it would be very useful!

From what I understand it may be a tad difficult to add calculated and query fields together since query fields can be pretty heavy (and can crash a page if they request a lot of info) .

A way to easily add this functionality would be by using webhooks or the event handler and have that run a calculation and fill in a field when a set action is triggered.
ShotGrid is very extensible through the api.