Naming Convention TK app released

Griffith Observatory and Friends of the Observatory’s Satellite Studio is proud to share the Naming Convention Toolkit app that was developed for our new planetarium show Signs of Life, premiering in May 2020 at Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles.

We’d love to hear your feedback once you use the app.

Astronomically yours!

Scott Ballard & the FOTO team


Hey Scott,

This looks like a really cool tk-app, thanks for sharing!

  • Diego


Thanks, @scottballard, Griffith Observatory, and Friends of the Observatory’s Satellite Studio!

Hi @scottballard thanks for these!!
I’m stuck installing it and maybe you can help me.
I configured the tk-engines, custom-entity_name_remap, restrict_entity_types…
But is not clear for me how to write the template_definitions.
Can you provide me with one more acurated example?
I tried these but no luck:
Many thanks!

type: dict
allows_empty: True
description: “A dictionary that defines a definition for a Toolkit template entry. This helps artists know what a template should be used for.”
work$: nuke_shot_work
work area$: shot_work_area_nuke


Important: The Toolkit template path keys are a bit inconsistent. To use this tool your template keys must be in the format “< entity >_< engine >”.


Hey Francesc,

It sounds like you might have gotten it working? Let me know if you still need help?

I’m curious to know how you like the app once you have a chance to try it.

Hi @scottballard , until now I haven’t the time to start on it!
Installed and changed the templates of Maya to be entity-engine.
But still errors like:
File “\sloth\jobs\shotgunPipelineConfigurations\demo_0000_SGT\DEV\install\github\studio\foto-multi-namingconvention\v1.0.6\python\app\”, line 229, in update_tk_templates
for k, v in templates.iteritems():
AttributeError: ‘dict’ object has no attribute ‘iteritems’

or other error:

File “\server\jobs\shotgunPipelineConfigurations\demo_0000_SGT\DEV\install\github\studio\foto-multi-namingconvention\v1.0.6\python\app\”, line 236, in update_tk_templates
AttributeError: ‘dict_keys’ object has no attribute ‘sort’

Any ideas, is Phyton 3 compatible?
I’m on SG Desktop 1.8.0
Thans for these tool!

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Hi @Francesc_Macià , yes this is a Py3 compatibility issue. I haven’t refactored the code for Python 3. I’m not sure that I will do that anytime soon or at all since I have my plate pretty full atm. If you want to make the changes and make a pull request to me, feel free to do so.