Multiple studios working on the same project

Hi there,

I’m wondering how people usually handle multiple studios working on the same project.

We share projects between our offices within our company more or less everyday which works fine. Everyone is using the same pipeline config, same folder structure, same paths. Toolkit takes care of everything except syncing files which we have our own solution for.

Now we have a project coming up where we have external vendors (all using Shotgun) working with us and this is sort of new to us, so I’m wondering what the best way to approach this would be.

This is how I imagine it could look like:

  1. We setup one SG user on their side which manages all communication with us on our site
  2. This user creates versions on our site for revision
  3. When a task is approved they do an actual delivery to us (alembics, exrs etc)
  4. We batch-publish everything so that we can use our regular tools for loading assets and so on.

But I’m curious to hear from people that have actual experience from similar scenarios, maybe there’s better ways to do this?

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Hi Jonas,

Thanks for posting this, I’d also love to hear what kind of solutions the community has setup but I can certainly talk briefly about what we’ve seen some of our clients do in the past.

Firstly, we have a short guide with some pointers for Managing External Work In Shotgun, it covers mostly the setup of Shotgun accounts, permissions and pages on the client-side.

In terms of your scenario where each vendor has their own Shotgun instance, we’ve seen this handled a few different ways. However in almost all cases, like you said we see the client set up a user account on their Shotgun site for each of their vendors. That account is used to assign work to the vendors, and also for the vendors to check their assignments and submit versions back to the clients Shotgun.

This is where we see things start to branch, for example

If a vendor doesn’t have Shotgun or has a completely different Shotgun pipeline to the client, they might utilise features such as the Export To .csv to grab data from the clients Shotgun site and ingest it into their own pipeline

But we’ve also seen vendors have direct API access to a clients Shotgun site, allowing more seamless integration between 2 Shotgun sites (although of course, this would require development on both ends to make this work)

But from our experience, I would say that the use-case you’ve outlined is definitely the most common (where Shotgun is used to track communication + reviews and the actual data files are still delivered by more traditional methods like ftp and aspera)

Hope that helps, but would love to hear from the community other types of solutions they might have implemented



Hello There,

I have a client running into a similar Request.
Where they use shotgun for their project management, and they would like their outsource vendor to have access to this project since they also use Shotgun.

Is there a way to share projects between shotgun studios ?
It would be a good +1 on a feature request.

My client is hesitant to want to purchase a new shotgun account & login for his vendor and wish his vendor could have their own and deal with their own shotgun accounts.

Any further thoughts on this or new updates since this post, would be useful and appreciated.

Thanks a bunch and have a great day!


Hi Meggie,

Thanks for the additional information there, there is definitely demand for and a solid use-case for being able to share licenses and even projects cross sites, but unfortunately we just don’t have the infrastructure in place to be able to do this at the moment.

Sadly the only way right now would be to use 1 Shotgun site as the main site, and distribute licenses to access that site. Like I mentioned above we have seen studios setup ways to sync or copy date from a project between sites.

I’m really sorry we don’t have a better solution as of right now, it would be great if you wouldn’t mind adding your support and use-case to our roadmap (instructions on how to do that here)

Have a splendid day! :slight_smile:


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Thanks for your response Andrew!
Will do :slight_smile:


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