Sharing entity items with outsources but it's limited


I’m wordering how could we share assets or any other entites items with outsources. But we don’t want to share all assets list with outsources. Only sharing items we are submitting to outsources.

I’ve seen this post already, and currenly I think we have to share single site with other outsources. That’s okay for now.

So, 2 ideas poped up in my mind,

  • We could share assets if assets can be shared with multiple projects. Projects can be isolated by authority settings.
  • Create multiple projects and create automate plugins for sync each assets. But this can be high costs to develop for us.

Or does anyone have other ideas? I want to reference for our outsource management with Shotgun.



Hi @kishikawa_takanori,

Thanks for your question! This article may help:

The Vendor permission group noted in walkthrough come standard with your Shotgun site.


Hi @brandon.foster,

Thanks for the responce!

I tested the flow on the page and yes I think it probably words to our project :slight_smile:

Thank you.