Shotgun studio rollout + IT infrastructure


I am looking for technical help with implementing and customising Shotgun integration in our studio. Right now we use Shotgun out of the box. No file management at all, no pipeline toolkit used in any form. We just use the web based version and upload our versions by hand. Since our projects are getting bigger and bigger. I feel the need to automate things that can be done by the system and allow our artist to focus on the creative part of our work as much as I can.

It can be a freelance workflow sys-admin or a company. I guess the integration would involve getting a bit outside the shotgun itself - so I would need help with logic structure for data management within the boundaries of local and distributed cloud workflow scheme.

I would imagine a two step relationship - first launching all new features and building up everything for that + maintenance that would be less time demanding.



for our setup we had support from these guys:
We split it in similar steps. Just upfront one more setting up some base features.

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