Moving sg configs

As many of you are also doing, we’re trying to figure out how to switch to a work from home setup for a few weeks. I’m going to attempt to put my work files and folders onto dropbox and have remote people sync to that. If I have a network folder that the sg config files for toolkit are stored in, and I copy that to a shared dropbox location. How can I set up the remote artists SG desktop client to use that config location and be able to publish the files locally(which would then get synced to DB)? Would that even work?


Hi @byronnash,

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As for setting up remote workflows, check out these threads;

TLDR is that it’s possible, but it can be a bit of a slower experience, if your work files/publishes are on a dropbox location, you are held to the sync speed of that service. One way could be to have a multi root setup where your publish and work directories have different roots, e.g. local work files and dropbox for publishes.

Check out this doc regarding a multi root setup;

Let us know if you have more questions :slight_smile:


Quickest and easiest way to do this would be the following:

Make sure home users replicate the office environement by mapping the network drives your projects and shotgun pipelines live on to their own machine.

(On windows you can share a folder out on your machine and map that folder as network drive by connecting to “localhost/share_name”)

Then use SyncThing (opensource) to sync the project and pipeline directories between office and workers.

This should keep everything pretty much the same as long as you replicate the office environement.

As a tip I would have the home user make a new windows account specifically for work purposes.


Thanks for the info everyone!

We’ve made a post today about how to turn a centralized configuration into a distributed one. There’s even a script that automates part of the process.
Hopefully this can help you out.