Multiple individual frames, showing the same AOV in the '/' selector

Hello, I am viewing 5 individual frames (not an image sequence).

I would like to see a particular AOV (which exists in all the frames I loaded). Can I setup RV to show a particular AOV across all loaded frames when I switch to one of the frames?

Currently, using the ‘/’ hotkey and clicking on the AOV, I have to do that on every single image…



Hi @Cape,

Unfortunately the layer select node doesn’t have this built in, but if you are developer-minded, this is something you could write in RV yourself.

For the source nodes, if you set the request.imageComponent property, that is how the layer select package works.

Check out method: setSelectedLayer(void; Event event) in for how the / key works today.

I hope that helps, if you do want to implement your own package to automate that workflow, let us know if you have run into any questions.