Multi-Entity Connection Tab Difficulty

I’ve been having some difficulty with setting up multi-entity connection link fields between:

  • CustomNonProjectEntity## <> Project

Initial Attempt - Steps taken:

  • Add multi-entity field: CustomNonProjectEntity##.sg_projects @ Project (Entity)
    • SG Created: CustomNonProjectEntity##_sg_projects_Connection (Entity)
      This Connection (Entity) has entity type fields for both the Project entity and CustomNonProjectEntity##

Provided I understand the process, this should allow me to to add a new Tab to the Details page of the CustomNonProjectEntity## to show linked Project Entities.
I expect this to behave identically to the Person (details) > Projects (tab)
:pushpin: See: Enabling a Custom Entity

4. Design the detail page of your custom entity. Add the tab for the entity that it is linked to, and remember to save when you are done.

The (unexpected) result:

The new Tab on the CustomNonProjectEntity## details page is a page list view of all Projects, and does not show the expected menu bar option: “Link Project” - There is also no exposure of the DisplayColumn menu option for adding / creating new connection link fields.
:pushpin: See: Using connection entities – Shotgun Support


  1. Make the Connection (Entity) list page visible.
    :pushpin: See: Enabling a Custom Entity

6. Under Site Preferences > Advanced, add the connection entity type on the Enable List Pages for Connection Entity Types pref. Use the name of your entity and field:

  1. Create a new Tab on the CustomNonProjectEntity## details page pointing at the Connection entity type. - Filtered to show only records which are linked to the current CustomNonProjectEntity##

At this point I can add the connection link fields I wanted to - though not as user-friendly as what is described by the documentation and as seen on other multi-entity linked Entity types: Shot <> Asset / Person <> Project / Playlist <> Version / etc.

This feels like a bug because I expect the creation of a linked entity Tab should “just work” when creating a new Tab which points at the linked multi-entity Entity type. - Projects in my case.

Could this be a limitation when working with NonProject entities?
Or perhaps it’s a limitation when creating Connection records for the Project entity?

Any additional insight for this case would be helpful!

edit: Shotgun build version: v8.23.0.7310 (build c85765f)