Custom non project entity with published Files without project

I created a new custom NON project entity, selected enable to link PublishedFiles and Versions.

When I try to create a publishedFile, for this non project entity, the published file ask me to be linked to a Project, but I dont want to have this published files linked to a project but to the custom non proyect entity.

How can I configure to have a non proyect published file, it is obligated to linked to a proyect?

Thankn you.


Hi Christian. Were you using the Importer to create the new entities? There’s a bug that is fixed in the 8.5 release (scheduled for tomorrow) that erroneously prompts for a Project link when creating non-project entities. Can you let us know if the issue still occurs once you have the new release?


Hi Christian!

This may be because Published Files and Versions are Project entities, and those records do need to belong to a Project while the Non Project Entity you may be linking them to does not. The same is true for things like Tasks or Notes you may associate with the Non Project Entity.

Are you trying to build a Project agnostic sort of asset library, or do you have another end goal in mind?


Hey Tommy,

I was using the direct [+ create published file] button from shotgun web publishedfile list page.
I try to link it just to a new custom entity but denies creation if there is no project assigned.

Im gonna try to make it with the api.

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Hi brandon,

Yes actually I’m trying to build a libraryStock for multiple types of items, wich may have several published files associated as wel as version videos aside, but since the NonProject entity ask me to enable published files linked I assumed that there was no need to have a proyect sin is a NONproject entity.

I guess that I CANT have publishedFiles without a project link, so my final solution will be to set a new library project to hold this published entites.

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Thanks for the added details, Christian. We have a short how-to guide for setting up a Project as an Asset library of sorts that leverages the Toolkit loaders/publishers:

I hope that’s helpful!


This is really helpful Brandon. Related to this, on the web interface where you can add assets associated with a shot, is there anyway of adding assets from a “library” or is it strictly assets belonging to the project.

Thanks for your help


In the web UI if you’re looking at a Shot page, linking of any Assets will just show Assets which are in the same Project.

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Thanks, that’s what I thought. I was hoping there might be some trickery that would allow me to link to a asset in a different project.

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