Creating cross-project entities?

It was mentioned during one of our support calls that it might be possible to create entities that can be linked to multiple projects. I can’t figure out how to do this and I couldn’t find documentation for it. Does anyone know how to set this up?
Use cases:

  • Assets - where we might be using them on multiple projects
  • Mocap Shoots Days- we have one day where we mocap items for multiple
  • Performer - where we have same performers, we’ve been recreating them in each project.

Hi @arichmond,

I also replied to this in a support ticket, but I will post my answer here as well for community discussion - I added a couple more details here that came to mind…

CustomNonProject Entity Usage:

We have the “CustomNonProject” entity available that could be used as a Global Asset/Shoot Day/Performer of sorts. It doesn’t require linking to a Project, but any Task, Version, or Published file created under a CustomNonProject entity will require a singular Project link which makes the workflow a bit tricker and not ideal. Essentially you could have 3 of the exact same Version/Published File created under your CustomNonProject entity and each of those could be linked to their respective projects but you can’t share the same Published File/Version under many projects.

Note and Ticket threaded entities can be linked to a CustomNonProject entity and do not require a Project link, but if you do decide to link either of these to a Project, you can only choose one Project in the Project field.

An example of a type of CustomNonProject entity that works best for this type of thing is the “Person” entity as it doesn’t use/require Tasks, Versions or Published files.

Existing Asset, Shoot Day & Performer Entity Usage:

For something like Assets, there is no way to use the existing Asset entity and have it linked to multiple projects. You can have an “Asset Library” project where you track Assets that you would potentially share with other projects, but in order to use those Assets in other projects, you would need to copy them from the library project into the active project.

The same can be said for mocap related entities like Shoot Days and Performers. When you create a new Shoot Day or Performer, it requires that you add the Project to the entity’s Project field. So you could have the shared mocap entities in your Library project as well, and then copy them from the library into active Projects as needed.

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Let me know if you have any further questions!



Thanks Beth for all the details, super helpful to understand how it works more thoroughly. I’m not sure if other teams would find it useful but there are a number of workflows where it would help to have a Multi-Project Entity.


My pleasure - I completely appreciate how this could be useful. I’ve made a feature request for the product team’s consideration, it is definitely something we’ve heard before :+1: