Mocap Takes as sequence entities?

I’m currently adding some mocap takes into SG. However, SG associates Mocap Takes as a scene-specific entity. Is there any way to customize Mocap Takes so they’re identified as a sequence-specific entity?

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Hi @PoMo,

Thanks for posting it on the community so others could consume.

By default, Mocap Takes is associated with Scene entity, you could add a custom entity field to link Mocap Takes to Sequence entity.

Follow the doc here to add an Entity field with entity type restricted to Sequence. This way, you could link Mocap taks to sequence entity. A reversed field (Sequence->Mocap Takes) will be automatically generated to record all Mocap Takes associated with current sequence.

One more thing is that Scene field is by default a required field on Mocap Takes entity. Follow the gif below to remove it as required field and then hide the field.

Hope it fulfills your need here.


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Awesome - this helped a bunch! Thanks, Ben!

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