Lock Field column headers location in the web view?

Hi all,

Is there a way to lock the location of a grid view’s Field column headers when I’m looking at e.g. Shots in the web browser in Shotgun?

It sort-of does it currently, but if you scroll past a certain point the headers all disappear, & you have to scroll back up to see them.

I’m looking for functionality like Google Sheet’s ‘View -> Freeze -> 1 Row’ (where if you select a row & apply that menu item to it, it’ll stay in place no matter how far you scroll up or down).




Hey Dean,
Right now, there’s no way to freeze the top row of data - sorry about that. I’m sure this is feedback that the product team would like to get, so I can either pass this onto them, or you can head to this page: https://www.shotgunsoftware.com/roadmap/ and submit the idea direct to them.


Whoops! Sorry for this misdirect Dean - I got my wires crossed. We’ve actually just introduced a bug in 8.7 which meant that in some cases field headers are disappearing from the page when scrolling. Our engineers are aware and working on it now. I’ll update this thread once we push out a fix.
Apologies again for the incorrect info - I’ll go grab that coffee now…



The fix is done and I’ve added some tests to ensure it does not happen again. Our QA in London will test this in the AM and hopefully give it the :+1:, and then the fix should roll out shortly.


Thanks for the quick response.

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I was about to ask about that one :slight_smile:
Do you guys have an idea on the schedule to see this fixed? Just so I can tell my teams when it should be back to usual.
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Hi @François_Touvet,

We’re targeting to have this fix released for everyone tomorrow (Tuesday, Oct. 29) in the morning (EST). Thanks for your patience while we turned this around!


That would be great! thanks :slight_smile:


The fix for this is working with our site this morning, post upgrade (

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