Is there an easy way to organize Tasks by entity type?

For example I’m tracking Tasks which are linked to Assets, Shots, and Sequences, but I’d like to see those Tasks organized by type on my Task page. Is there a simple way to do this?


You betcha, me! You can do this with some Advanced grouping (Group menu > Advanced Grouping). In the popup below, you can see we’re organizing the Tasks with two levels of hierarchy. First by the Link type, then by the exact Link value. That produces a top level group of my entities (in the screenshot, Asset is the first group) followed by the individual Asset names.

The default for grouping objects is always the exact value, but depending on the data type you’re grouping by you have additional options! Play around with them to see what works best for you.


To add to that, if your Advanced Grouping is putting all of your Shot Tasks on later pages since “Shot” comes after “Asset” in the alphabet and you can’t easily get to them, you can make use of your “Saved Filters” in the Filter Panel.

Make a Saved Filter for all Asset Tasks by creating the filter “Link is a Asset” and then you can create another Saved Filter for Shots, “Link is a Shot”. This way you can switch between your Asset filter and Shot filter to only see Tasks of that Link type.

Alternatively, you can go into Design Page mode and create a new Tab for Shot Tasks and Asset Tasks. Each tab has a Saved Filter for that Task link type saved into the Tab if you want to navigate via tabs instead of via Filter Panel.