Importing Parts of FBX File through Loader (Unreal Engine)

Hello all!

I’m attempting to create custom actions for the Loader in Unreal Engine so artists have the option to import just the skeleton/animation/mesh/etc. from an FBX file, instead of the whole file. I have had some success in attempting this, however I am running into the following issue:
The first time I try loading one of these specific actions (say, “Load Skeleton as Skeletal Mesh”), it does correctly load the Skeletal Mesh and Skeleton and leaves out the other elements of the file. However, if I then try and load some other part from the file (say, “Load Animation”), the loader shows it is importing, and then, once the import status reaches 100%, nothing happens. The content browser opens to the expected path, implying something happened, but the animation from the file does not appear alongside the Skeletal Mesh, and there are no errors in the logs or scene. Is there some flag I need that indicates to Unreal to add the other parts of this same FBX file to the location? Is what I’m trying to do simply not possible?

Thank you!