How to update the local tk-core without tank binary

Hi all,

I am not able to use the tank binary anymore due to sudden login issues. It might be due to rebrand or some backend server update.

Login failed: Authentication failed: Can’t authenticate user ‘{}’.
Infos for site ‘https://{site}’ found in cache

The tank binary login can be resolved if I update the tk-core to the latest version, its locally installed and does not use the zip file configuration setup.
In this case, how can I update the tk-core on disk?

Any help/direction will be appreciated!

You need to login in SG Desktop first, then tank works.
Not sure about the other issue. There is ./tank localize but I’m not sure you can call it from another project’s tank.
How do you update tk-core?

Thankyou so much! Logging in SGDesktop in linux solved the issue. It wrote new config files related to the rebrand and resolved the tank binary logging issue.