Updating tk-core: git Type Descriptor

Hi All,

I tried to update my tk-core with this command

tank core

but I got this error

ERROR: The core on this config can’t be updated using this method, as the
config is using a “git” type descriptor. Please update the source

Is there another way to update the tk-core?

Thank you and Godbless

You would have to update the version number manually as you are reading the config straight from git.

Hi Recardo Thanks for the reply, Do you mean changing the version number in the core_api.yml in git folder?

I’m not sure, it seems you have a descriptor pointing to a git repository as your project setup.
Are you the person that set up your pipeline?

Nope it just pass on me, Because we need to update the softwares integrated on the shotgrid desktop like we need Maya 2018 to be 2022.

You’ll eed to update the version number in git then on the branch that your config looks at.
Try and find the PipelineConfiguration entity for the Project you are trying to do this (try it on a test project first).