Clean way to upgrade to the latest tk-core


We are currently on tk-core v0.18.x and using the centralized pipeline configuration system, is there a recommended way to upgrade to the latest version?
Apologies i could not find any documentation regarding this.



Hi Jag –

You can use the tank core command. It will prompt you to confirm, then download the latest tk-core and set your config to use it. It will also back up the existing core to the install/core.backup directory, so you can easily roll back if necessary.

Note that you can also specify a version with this command: ./tank core --version v0.19.2.

Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other questions.

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Hi tannaz,

Thanks for the response, i tried that. However i also want to upgrade to the new style of the pipeline config as well.


since my tk-core and the pipeline configuration are old style its difficult to follow up with the latest documentation if some changes are needed…

Don’t take my word as truth but I believe that is not possible to do automagically.

Your best bet may be to set up a test project and install the latest and greatest default-config2.
Then start porting your settings and testing.

Once everything works, you could then move and backup your exisiting old config, delete the tank_name field info on Shotgun and delete the pipeline configurations.

Then set up your project again and use the test project as reference.

Hey Jag – it’s been a while since we’ve linked to it, but we actually have very detailed documentation on what changed between tk-config-default and tk-config-default2 and how to convert your old config. As @Ricardo_Musch mentions, there’s no automatic way to get the new config - it’s indeed a manual process, but hopefully the document will walk you through it and make it less painful. :blush:

Thanks @tannaz @Ricardo_Musch @philip.scadding

This really helped. I did ran into this issue of Shotgun Desktop using a older version of tk-core (tk-core from site-configuration) this post helped me:

After deleting the pipelineconfiguration record from shotgun according to the post above, i was able to create a new set of configuration files using the new default_config_2 and the latest tk-core version.