Trying to bootstrap an engine

Ive recently updated shotgrid from 17.3 to 1.8.0 and when trying to bootstrap into maya Im getting this message .

Trying to create a SG connection but this tk session does not have an associated authenticated user. Therefore attempted to fall back on a legacy authentication method where script based credentials are located in a file relative to the location of the core API code. This lookup in turn failed. No credentials can be determined and no connection to SG can be made. Details: Cannot resolve the core configuration from the location of the Sgtk Code! This can happen if you try to move or symlink the Sgtk API. The Sgtk API is currently picked up from C:\Program Files\Shotgun\Resources\Desktop\Python\bundle_cache\app_store\tk-core\v0.20.16\python\tank which is an invalid location.

Looks like it was a call to

# Tells Toolkit which user to use for connecting to ShotGrid.

that fixed it

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