Unable to have Shotgrid running in Maya 2023


We are implementing Maya 2023 and unfortunately, we are unable to have a running ShotGrid integration.
Not a single error in our console or log files…

Everything is up to date: Core v0.20.12, tk-maya and all other apps, SG Desktop.
Everything is running fine in Maya 2020.4.

The switch between Python 2 to Python 3 for Nuke 11 to Nuke 13 was really smooth. So I don’t think it’s the issue here but who knows…

Any debug ideas?

Have you turned on debug logging and looked at your tk-maya logs?

Thank you for your suggestion.

Yes, I did but not a single line is written when I launch Maya 2023.
This is exactly the same launcher with a version variable.

Maybe there’s a Maya ENV var you can set so Maya itself logs to a file?
Then you can see from there.