Shotgrid and Maya 2022?

Hi! I was wondering if anyone has been successful getting Shotgrid integrated into Maya 2022?

I personally find that I am able to use Shotgrid just fine when I launch Maya 2022 with python 2.7. When I launch Maya 2022 with python3 (default), I get a bunch of ImportErrors.

Asking here to see if anyone else has been able to get this working (Shotgrid in Maya 2022 + python3)… mainly so I have an idea if I need to look at our libraries or if I should just proceed with launching Maya with python 2.7.

Just to update. I haven’t found a solution yet for this.
It seems to be an issue with other python3-only applications as well (e.g. Nuke 13)

Considering that there is official support for Nuke 13.1, it could be something to do with our config.

The error message I’m getting specifically with both Maya 2022 and Nuke 13.1 is:
# Error: Shotgun: Could not create context! Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit will be disabled. Details: invalid syntax (, line 706) #

So it sounds like there is a config file somewhere that might have python2 syntax.

Hey @naomiq.uts, we’ve been able to get Maya 2022.3 running with python-2.7 but keen to hear if things are running smoothly in 3 once you nail that syntax issue. Don’t forget about the mayapy2 binary if you want to keep cli or batch operations within the py-2 environment.

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We’ve been using Nuke13 and May2022 with Python 3 without customizing the engines. Make sure you have the environment variable SHOTGUN_PYTHON_VERSION set to 3. This ensures that SG Desktop launches using Python 3. Beyond that you may just need to update to the latest versions of tk-maya and tk-nuke in the app store. The transition to Python 3 through SG toolkit has been very smooth for us.


Thanks for the replies! It is helpful to know what has been working for others.

It sounds like it may just be that syntax issue that is holding us back.